Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is a will?

A. Actually there is more than one kind of will. The will most people recognize is a written document that defines a person's desires as to the dispostion of property at death. However, a will names a person or persons you trust to accomplish your desires, what bills should be paid first, and who can be appointed as the guardian of your children.

Another kind of will is a living will. It is used to advise healthcare providers how to proceed with your care in case of serious, even totally disabling injury or illness.

Preplanning in the event of serious problems can save you and your loved ones money and tears.

Q. Why can't I do my divorce myself?

A. A lawyer has experience litigating divorce, and can foresee and solve problems before they cause extra trouble for you. He understands what the law provides, and his advice can guide you toward the results you deserve.

Q. What is a mediator?

A. A mediator is a neutral person who explores disputes and finds common ground for settlement.

Q. How can I use a mediator?

A. Many times the court will suggest a case be mediated before trial. If both sides agree, the parties select a mediator. The mediator reports to the court whether a settlement is reached, and in many cases, handles the final paperwork. If not, the court will try the case and nothing said to the mediator may be revealed.